2019 General Elections and the brouhaha surrounding the polity: A case for a failed nation?


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By the time you’d be reading this, the Independent National Electoral Commisssion (INEC) might have cancelled (big emphasis on ‘might’) or uphold the running of the February 16th Presidential and Federal House of Representatives/Assembly elections, but whatever decision the independent body decides to take as regards this election, one thing that is sure is that it is fast losing its credibility. And this cannot be debated. It is the truth.

When INEC said the Muhammadu Buhari government has provided all its budgetary needs for it, it then needs to remind Nigerians what it meant by that statement if by now there is no concrete plan on ground to see to the success of this election. The body itself, like other parastatals of the Federation, is fast becoming a joke and in the same page as what we can call failure. Up until now, 02:45a.m, about 5 hours to the commencement of the elections, the body is still contemplating whether to postpone the elections or not. And worse of it, if the election is to be postponed, they don’t know when or which day to postpone it. One word for this: Shame!

But giving the body the benefit of doubt, we would not run into conclusion about its plans until We can, for sure, say this is the outcome of what the country did on February 16th 2019. If the elections hold, and is free and fair in all quarters, then they have raised the bar higher than we had in recent history, especially in 2015 where the elections had to be postponed. And what does the country have to show for that postponement then? The most credible election ever recorded in the history of the country. But now, we await to see if INEC would be building on that reputation or looking to soil it the way it has always been so the populace can just know it is ‘wuru wuru’, and ‘straight to the answer’ type of elections we had in the country pre-2015.

And let no one blame the ineptitude of this body on the current government or the President himself. He did his best to provide ‘everything’ the body needed, as confirmed by their spokesperson late last year. Don’t cry foul when there is none. For now, we would absolve the President or his government of any blame for this lack of professionalism from INEC since he has played his part to see to the running of the body independently. It is what the body does with its independency we shall examine and criticize.

If you are Nigerian, be proud of your country. We always make the headlines for the wrong reasons, but maybe not this time. INEC beware!

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