2019 General Elections: The shame of a nation exposed. (How the February 23rd 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections exposed Nigeria and her citizens to the world as the most unreasonable, unserious, and very silly people to the world)


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The general elections have come and gone; although we are still very much in line for the Gubernatorial and States Houses of Assembly election which comes up in some few days time. But one thing we got from this last election is that Nigerians; the people, are the most unserious set of people in this world, and at this age. We prefer to the worst qualified persons leadership positions over the best that are also capable and fit to lead. To put it simply, in Nigeria, the worst ‘rule’ over the very best!

Coming into the election, there have been hot electioneering campaigns from all quarters/camps of individual candidates, and for the first time in the country, young men (and vibrant ones at that) were allowed to wrestle it out with the old (and very corrupt) politicians within our fold, and also to test their might in what was to become the most sought-after revolution since the incumbent government failed to live up to its change promises in 2015. So this election was meant to signal the herald of the coming of a new sheriff who has never been, but would not. This new sheriff was meant to change the order of things in the country, and as such, Nigerians saw this election as a battle between the electorates and the cabals who have been holding the country to ransom ever since the advent of the current democratic dispensation we now enjoy. Change beckons, and was fast knocking on our door, thanks to the ‘Not too young to run’ bill. But as always, Nigerians made mockery of that bill in entirety by still assigning the same position we wrought to wrestle to the same people we are wrestling it from. What a confused set of people!

Like Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress (AAC) aptly puts it: ‘Those who destroyed our past cannot take us to the future’, but regrettably, as a people, we still gave the mandate to the same destroyers to keep playing the game of chess over our collective destinies for the next four years whilst they debate on the power sharing formula of whose turn it is to rule the next time an election beckons. And where would these people lead us? Obviously to nowhere.

As I write this piece to expose the stupidity of the average Nigerian voter, you need to understand that they (the voters) are divided into two segments. One, those who believed Nigerian has ever worked and planned to make it work again after the abysmal failure of the APC first four years in leadership. And two, those who believe their shameful performance in the last four years was caused by the corruption-laden sixteen years of their predecessor and believed the next four years would be somewhat better. They came with a theme to take the country to the next level. If you belong to any of these class of voter, you should bow your head in shame. You are part of the problem we have in this country.

Since the aftermath of the election and the eventual triumph of the President, people who voted the PDP and believed their candidate lost because of the massive votes of the Almajiris in the North have been quick to call these people names. But are they themselves free of the kind of names they call these people? Not at all. And as one of them has rightly put it on Instagram: “The number of people who vote Buhari (the President) is the number of idiots we have in this country”. But what about the people that vote Atiku, too? They are bigger idiots than those who voted the President, and here is why: Your candidate promised to get Nigeria working again but you failed to ask him how he intends to do that because the country has never worked for once since 1999 when himself became the most active in national politics and served for two terms as the Vice President. If Nigeria had ever worked, we would not have been in this mess we are currently in. For your information, the most singular phrase our six months old babies know after daddy and mummy is ‘Up Nepa!’ Your messiah was at the helm of governance for eight good years and never for once did that sector worked, and it’s never going to work now if he had won the election. Nothing would ever work. And don’t start bringing up the story of how he and his boss brought telephone lines into the Nigerian market and balderdash. Talk about the wanton corruption that happened in their time at the helm of affairs.

And for those who voted the ruling party, well, you have the word. A PDP voter has already classified you in the right category, although he failed to add to that number people who would also vote the greatest opposition party too. So in my words, I would say: ‘The number of people who vote either of the party between the PDP and APC are the number of idiots we have in this country’ because this is the absolute truth. If you ask a PDP voter why he/she voted Atiku, what you are bound to hear is that it is better to vote the lesser evil between two evils. But who bedeviled us that we would be stucked between those two evils when there are seemingly over seventy political parties that contested for the same where two evils are reigning supreme? What happened to the other parties? Are there no able persons in any of the political parties? Well you would believe with me that there are many qualified persons available to become the president, but stupidity, unseriousness and lack of reasoning made us settle for a lesser evil, who would eventually not win. Now when I say Nigerians are the most stupid and unserious set of people on Earth at this age and time, you definitely need not question my assumption because it is glaring for all to see. We are very much acquainted with suffering, and although I would have loved to pray that long may it be, but it shines, it shines for all irrespective of where you belong. To the reasonable ones who took out time to vote for the parties they called ‘the third force’, never mind, your reward is soon. May you never experience the next level of hardship and suffering the stupidity of a large and numerous set put you in. But if you voted any of the two parties that stole the show of shame called election conducted on Saturday, enjoy your game and let the evil you voted or didn’t vote for continue to haunt you till you understand that Nigeria needs rescue, and only you and I can rescue it from the hands of the power mongers who continue to share our collective fortunes and rape us in broad daylight whilst continuing to give us the rhetoric of why Nigeria can never be greater than it is. We shall rise!

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