Americans React to FBI’s Indictment of 80 Nigerian Fraudsters (See Screenshots)


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Earlier today, the Federal Bureau for Investigation (FBI) indicted 80 Nigerian fraudsters for charges bordering on financial crimes and theft in the US.

Live-streaming the FBI’s announcement on Twitter, ABC News; the news division of the American Broadcasting Company, ran a 30 minutes broadcast of the announcement on Twitter which saw over 80 Nigerians and US nationals charged with fraud.

Several Americans have reacted to the indictment, and the level of the wire fraud, with many referring to Obinwanne Okeke as ‘the Nigerian Prince’, a name which might have referred to the generic name scammers use in luring their unsuspecting victims by claiming to have an inheritance they would want to share with them.

A comment on the (ABC’s twitter) thread reads: “They’re FINALLY going after the Nigerian Princes that been bugging people for money othe last Billion years”, whilst another user, Ruth Barbe commended the FBI tweeting “About time. Well done authorities concerned”.

Many others are, however, sarcastic with their replies, asking if there would be no more Nigerian Princes.

See screenshots of replies below:

ABC News Tweet about the FBI’s announcement earlier today.
Responses to ABC’s Tweet about the FBI’s indictment of Obinwanne ‘Invictus’ Okeke
More responses
More responses/tweets
And the tweets keep coming!
More responses/tweets
Another response again
And, finally, the last of the perk!

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