BREAKING: Sudan President, Omar Al-Bashir Ousted


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News reaching Afrilens News confirms that Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir has been ousted from power.

The former president has been accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity by several civil society groups.

The country’s military is set to make an announcement on who the new ruler would be.

Omar Al-Bashir rose to power in 1989 after a successful coup and has been in power ever since. However, on Wednesday, the country’s youths took to the streets to protest against the regime of the man who has ruled them for three decades.

Last month, Afrilens News also reported how Algerians protested against the rule of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the 82 year old who ruled from 1999 and suffered a stroke six years ago which paralysed him, and his government.

Is this a new Africa on the rise? We would want to know in the comment box.

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  1. Comrade MZ Dapar says

    Not at all this is not a new Africa on the rise.Youths in Africa should think fast and act fast if not the Africa will surely remain where it is,how can we keep on allowing our grand parents to rule while things are changing on a daily basis,youths have fresh ideas when allowed by this grand parents ruling in our countries we will surely brings Africa out from where it is now.So am calling on our aged grand parents ruling in different countries in Africa should try youths and see if we will not perform better.We have focus,intellegents and God fearing youths that can do even more better than what is happening now.Thanks

    1. Abiodun Olumide Daniels says

      You’re very correct, dear. The key word: think fast, and act fast. That’s surely the way to go!

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