‘Eat grass and get rich’, South African pastor orders church members


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A pastor of a church in South Africa has ordered his members to eat grasses in order to get rich.

According to a post circulating online, the pastor urged his members to eat more grasses, saying “the more grasses you eat, the more richer you get”.

The post has generated a lot of controversy online, and Afrilens News can authoritatively report that the story is genuine.

Of recent, have been coming under intense scrutiny either for playing suicidal pranks on members or for fake miracle stunts performed by them.

Earlier this year, a pastor from South Africa performed a miracle where he raised a man from death. And according to checks, the miracle was said to be fake; even as the pastor involved denied doing such.

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Do miracles exist?

, of the Alleluia Ministry in South Africa was alleged to have raised a man from the dead, even as a video confirming the said miracle was shared online.

In the video, he was seen resurrecting a man who seem to have died and came out perplexed into life whilst his church members kept shouting his name.

This new revelation by a South African pastor is the latest news of such bizarre things pastors in Africa tell their members to do

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