How we came about the mantra: ‘Africa’s home of online journalism!’ for Afrilens News


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In 2012, buzzing around with a new idea of starting an online news publication agency, I reached out to my closest friends and associates to reason with them about this new idea and forge a way for its kick-off. It wasn’t until long that we deliberated on covering the new aspect of journalism brought about by the advent of technology and the internet: Citizen journalism, and as such, we had to key in to this kind/aspect of journalism and do; in total, virtually everything in our power to see to its starting and eventual operation. Thus, on Tuesday, November 13th 2012, we launched the first version of Afrilens News with the then domain, but since then, what has changed and what has not?

Fast-forward to now, 2019, a whole lot has changed. Within the spate of starting that first version of this publication, and now, we have seen technologies evolve, and a new breed of players in the online publication space. As such, it is evident that we move with this new trend, else we find ourselves written at the bottom space of online publications in Africa that never rose! But been who we are, through innovation and wit, we re-invented the process and redefined the way citizen journalism and news reportage should take. Now, we can proudly say we are at the fore of citizen reportage and online journalism, not only in Nigeria, but in majority of African countries we pitched our tents in since 2012. And although we have only ‘resurrected’ back this year, our presence is still very much felt and intact in these countries, so when we say we are Africa’s home of online journalism, then we are very much in track and on line! Or what else should we use as a yardstick to buttress our point? Well, it may interest you to know that we currently have 42 reporters spread across Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania. Before the end of this year, we plan to increase this number to 60. And this is not all.

Apart from the fact that we are coming in with a new idea and fresh methods, as the home of online journalism, we have designed services that can only be designed by the best of all, evidence that we are leading in terms of news reportage and citizen journalism anywhere in Africa. You would see these services for yourself as we continue to roll them out when needed.

Now back to how we came about that mantra with which we are now known: It all started as a personal resolve to be the best and redefine the way things are done in news reportage in Africa. This is the sole reason we assume the title and mantra, coupled with the reasons we stated above as to stay obvious and true to our word. But if you doubt this claim, or wish to state your new title for us, then We await to hear what you have for us. We sure would be glad to know how you see or view us. But until then, we would still remain ‘Africa’s home of online journalism!’.

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