How we employed 30 reporters remotely using technology: No interviews or long things. Just wit and some tech stuffs. And we are still employing more.


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In 2012 when we started Afrilens News, we had a mission: To become Africa’s home of online journalism, and we understood from the onset that becoming this means we have to make use of the most vibrant infrastructure available to us: The digital infrastructure, or put better in its right word, technology. And we used it in its full scope: from news gathering to dissemination/disbursement, social media engagement, analytics/data insights, advertisements, and even to the minutest of things you could ever believe we used technology for-to get the right people to populate our workforce!

Ever since we decided on our mantra, we made sure that we live true to what we aim to achieve, so using technology to employ our workers was straightforward an option to come to. We just didn’t doubt what potential technology could help us get in people. We trusted it fully and we have employed its use in every one person we add to our workforce; whoever they may be or where they are coming from. With technology, we could never go wrong. And this is true.


First, employment in our organization follows an opening mentioned on our careers page.

Once in a quarter, we employ a couple of new workers to our already expanding workforce to preach our gospel of a greater Africa and help us become the media of choice among Africans everywhere. From the same careers page, we make provision for the application of prospective workers looking to join us. After the review of this application, we invite ALL applicants to our online survey and personality test to know our prospects better. This helps us get to know our applicants better. Once an applicant fills the survey/personality test, s/he doesn’t need to take the same test again, even if s/he is applying for another or same position in our organization should s/he not make it through the initial process. After this test, we invite shortlisted candidates to take on other candidates in a simulated environment. In this stage, the task is simple: Complete a simple task at the earliest time possible. Along with the time it takes to finish this task, we compute your strength with your personality test to make an informed decision about you before the final stage is complete. All these while, we will never ask for your certificates or degrees because we don’t give a damn about them. We only care about who you are and what you are capable of doing and being. We believe in the word “Employ the candidate with the right attitude rather than that with the right certificate/degree without the right attitude”, although we will not sacrifice the proficiency(ies) of your degrees on the altar of your attitude. Both work together. (Tip: We put a premium on attitude over certificate/degree. It is 70-30!).


Understanding our prospective workers early enough help us prepare better to give them the right kind of environment to facilitate their work and growth. Hence, after our three step application and aptitude test stages/categories, the actual employment process begins. We start talking about our work environment and the kind of growth process our workers go through to have a fulfilling time working with us. As an organization whose major service is domiciled on the internet, we create a virtual workspace for every new worker joining us. So the final stage of our recruitment process follows the training of our new recruits to familiarize themselves with our virtual workstation. To even do this, we use technologies available at our recruits’ disposal. WhatsApp/Skype/Telegram and others come handy in this last stage. At the end of the training, each recruit becomes part of our workforce with detailed explanation of tasks to complete by working with the already assigned team/group to monitor our recruits’ growth. We make sure your work with us is both challenging and fun, so you don’t have to be bored working with us and neither do you have to be short of adventure in this little time we’ve got to spend on Earth, at least, not while you are working with us.


Since we started the use of this recruitment process, we have recruited the most productive workforce of any organization in Africa! (And we are proud of this). The future is tech, and we have keyed into it, never to go back again. Currently, this process has helped us employ over 30 persons in our workforce, and as earlier said, we employ new workers virtually every new quarter. So if you want to join the organization that has the future in mind, and want a job that is both rewarding and encouraging, yet challenging and fun, then you can apply to work with us today!

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