Man finds a highly-explosive World War II Bomb in Grandma’s Apartment


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World War II bomb found in grandman's apartment, Reddit
The Sushipepz found in his Grandma’s apartment. From:

A young man has revealed an image of a era 81mm mortar he found in his grandma’s apartment and wondered what it was until he took to Reddit; the front-page of the internet to share an image of the relic.

Simply identified as Sushipepz, the young man posted the image of the deactivated bomb and asked other what it is.

Providing an answer to the question, another Redditor, Axel_Thatcher explained that it is indeed a World War II era 81mm mortar which has been deactivated since the hole in the nose (of the mortar) is hollow, which the Original Poster also confirmed it is.

It should be noted, however, that many World War I and II relics still lie around in Europe because two world wars have been fought over the last 100 years in the continent, as millions and millions of bombs were dropped around the continent, and not all of them exploded when they were supposed to and not all have been cleaned up.

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