Prisoner asked for a 33-year sentence instead of 30 because of this!


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Meet Eric James Torpy, a convicted criminal who increased his years in jail because of his love for what? A basketball player!

Eric James Torpy, was convicted of shooting with intent to kill and robbery. He asked that his sentence be changed from 30 years’ imprisonment to 33 so that it would match Larry Bird’s jersey number. His request was granted.

Larry Joe Bird (born December 7, 1956) is an American former professional basketball player, former coach, and former executive who most recently served as President of Basketball Operations for the Indiana Pacers in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In October 2005, Torpy asked an Oklahoma County judge to tack on three more years to his 30-year prison sentence for armed robbery and two counts of shooting with intent to kill.
“He said if he was going down, he was going to go down in Larry Bird’s jersey,’’ Oklahoma District Judge Ray Elliott told the Associated Press back then. “He was just as happy as he could be.’’

But now, he has rejected his decision.

“Now that I have to do that time, yes I do,’’ says Torpy. “I kind of wished that I had 30 instead of 33. Recently I’ve wisened up.
“That three is a big deal, you know? Three years matters.’’

Torpy will turn 41 this year and is not eligible for parole until 2033.
The 33 imagery doesn’t end there. Put his arms together and the tattoos on his elbows read “33.’’ He also has a small green shamrock tattooed near his eye.
“I’ll always represent Larry Bird,’’ he says. “He’ll always be on me.’’

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