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I am glad to introduce you to our online news publication media-; created with a focus on Africa news stories and news-worthy information, with a keen eye for detail and the specifics.

Here at Afrilens News, we don’t want to bore you with the everyday rhetoric reminisce of others, but to bring a new dimension to news coverage and reportage; thereby making you part of our reporting. Enter citizen journalism!
We use 21st century technologies to collect, gather, store and share our news stories and we want you to be part of every of our processes, hence, we use the most powerful weapon in the world to collect the right kind of information we seek-You! In essence, you are at the centre of everything we report, and we won’t report any news story to follow our own narrative, but its own native, unique language. The news item itself should be independent, and void of the reporters’ tone in it becoming factual and truthful. It is how we report our own news story, and how we combat .

With our ‘i-Witness’ section/category, you take charge of your own story, and you take the credit. The section has been designed to promote the very essence of our citizen journalism feature, and there is no better way for you to tell your story outside this feature.

Understanding the place of knowledge in having an informed society, we will be sharing new information everyday on our ‘What We Learned Today’ section of our publication. Believe us when we say there is nothing like this section anywhere else in the world, so this is expected to be a first from us towards educating and informing our readers about new things happening in the world around us.

Without mincing words together, Afrilens News is NOT your everyday news website or platform. It is more than that. See it as a new idea with a new process of collecting news information, gathering it, and sharing it to the right audience; making everyone involved in the processes that define us. And this you will confirm for yourself with how we render and share/distribute every of our news item.

Lastly, in giving you a proper welcome, let us share some little information about us with you:

  1. Afrilens News was first started in 2012. We only ran our publication for a year and was off the internet by December 2013. We went on a self-imposed break to ‘watch and understand’ the place of in Africa. During the period till now, we monitored over a thousand blogs and news websites in Africa. Our sojourn ended in December 2018, after which we re-branded and re-defined our news processes and operations in order to have our own identity, and uniqueness. You will be seeing these differences in every of our dealings.
  2. We are financed independently by our financier (who is also the Publisher), 25-year old . You would be interested in reading his personal life story, and the journey so far towards starting Afrilens News. (Tip: He was rejected by his father even before he was born, and now, he leads one of the fastest growing news agency in Africa).
  3. All our Team members are youths who are very vibrant in the media world. The oldest among us is 42 years old, with an average age been 32 across board. We have six (6) Team members in total spear-heading different divisions of our agency.
  4. Apart from our Team members, we currently have 42 reporters spread across Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania. In Nigeria alone, we have 28 reporters and are looking to increase it to 60 before the end of the year, with a resolve to increase other countries’ reporters to 25 each during the same period.
  5. We will be making our entry to 10 other African countries by September. The countries remain part of our priority, and we will only share or talk about them when we eventually make the triumphant entry into them. But we promise to keep you abreast of any development related to this. (4 of those countries are Francophone/French-speaking countries).

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