What makes Afrilens News special?


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By now you already know Afrilens News is Africa’s home of online journalism, as that needs no introduction again. But what makes us tick and so special?

Ever since we started in the news media agency, we have reported how we use technology for every of our process, even to the point of employing the right kind of people to work with us! But is it our aggressive use of technology that makes us unique and stand tall as a reputable news/media agency in Africa? Well, that has a bearing to our uniqueness but it definitely is not all that accounts for this. Many other factors are.

First, come our Team!

We reported earlier on that at Afrilens News, the average age of our Team members is 42 years. This means our Team members are young, vibrant and futuristic in approach. For whatever thing that happens with us, it starts first with our vibrant team who make the decision towards the direction the agency will be heading to. So we make sure that by choosing our Team members, we checked for Africans who are ready to take Africa a step ahead. Led by the Team Head, Abiodun Olumide Daniels; the Publisher and Founder of this agency, the Team put in place are all experienced in the journalism field across Africa, with a combined experience year put at 42 years across board. With their experience and youthful zeal, these Africans are ready to tell the African story with Afrilens News, and that they have already started with the plethora of programs on offer on the news website/platform.

Secondly, our programs.

Our programs are carefully selected to capture stories across Africa, and also make news reportage in Africa the duty of every citizen through the provision of reader-friendly and accessible platforms for news reportage. Also, we make sure our news stories go through a reality check where we check for the legitimacy of a news item before making them available for public consumption (Read: What is Fake News and How Afrilens News is Tackling It). These and many more program-related concepts we offer at Afrilens News makes us special and fast becoming an household name in Africa in news offering, and we are proud of ourselves in this regard.

Third, our bond!

With our bond, we said we were going to report our news item following our set-out process: GAVE-DP. This word became our bond with which we operate and it has been one of our definitive process that sets us apart from others. We are fully committed to our word. It is our bond!

Lastly, our people.

We understand that without our people, we amount to nothing. They are our readers, our contributors, our environmentalists, our columnists and people who matter to us dearly. Although we put them lastly, but in truth, they are at the core of everything we do. We only put them at the last place in this order to reflect that the Team we put in place develop the right kind of programs that work with our bond to serve our people the best. So to put the tool we use in this order, then we would have: our Team, our Tool (Technology), our programs, our bond and lastly, our people.
So what really makes us tick and unique? It is this one word:
Our team with the right tool/technology to define and develop the right programs that work with our bond to give our people the best and right kind of information to grow our society. This is what makes us tick, special and unique!

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