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Afrilens News is Africa’s news media/agency dedicated to telling the African story like no other. Our news reportage feature a rich list of news stories covered by our reporters spread across the country. And in our bid to become the news media of choice among Nigerians, we seek to employ the right candidates to fill these rewarding roles in our organization.

  1. Special services reporters: Special-services reporters are placed in strategic positions in the country to collect and gather news stories from reputable sources. The special-services reporters we seek to employ would work mostly with top politicians in the country’s capital, with some others attached to state capitals to collect news information as soon as they break. For this position, you should have an ear for information and be ready to prepare those information for publication at the slightest time possible. And as such, this role is only opened to persons who have at least two (2) years experience in news gathering and reporting. Available Positions: 15
  2. Statistician: As our news items are based on factual reportage, we seek to employ the services of an experienced statistician who would analyze news items with their corresponding figures and be sure to provide a backing with his claim. This role is quite different from the role of the Historian, but we expect both individuals that fill these roles/positions to work together towards providing ground-breaking statistics as prove to our news stories, and be ready to project the statistics using the most relevant charts available at his/her disposal. A 5 year experience in this role or similar role is expected for any candidate wishing to apply, although we may give a chance to anyone willing to impress us with data and facts towards why we should employ him/her for this position. Available Position: 1
  3. Graphics Designer (Asst): The role of the Asst. Graphics Designer is well set-out. You are to work directly with the Chief Graphics Designer towards designing powerful and insightful images to captivate our audience with our news items. And since we work with data extensively, the role of representing information on charts may be assigned to you by your Graphics Head. Should this be the case, you would also need to work closely with the Historian and the Statistician to collect their data for further representation on graphics. For this role, no prior experience is required, although basic knowledge of Adobe Suite and Corel Packages would give you an edge over others, but we prioritize right character to growth over experience, or previous knowledge. Available Positions: 3
  4. Historian (Asst): The role of the historian is to connect the dots around current news items with their previous encounters. See this role as one who tells the story of how one thing leads to the other. The essence of this is to make sure our news stories go down memory lane; often called reality check, to provide proper and adequate reporting for our audience. As an assistant historian, you would work closely with the Head, Historian and partly with the Statistician to give us the perfect combination of news items our audiences yearn for. No prior experience is needed for this role. Ability to learn and knowledge about Africa’s politics and economy is key towards been the right candidate for this role. Available Positions: 1
  5. State-based reporters (Asst): Unlike our special services reporters who are majorly based at the centre of power in the country; Abuja, or in their respective state’s centre of power, our state based reporters are free to work anywhere within their states of residence gathering news information and preparing them for publication as soon as they happen. This role is ideal for people looking to start a career in journalism or news reporting, and as such, no previous knowledge or experience is required. You will be asked to work closely with your state’s reporter during your first three months of field work gathering and collecting data before you are left on your own, although still under the tutelage of your head in the state. Available Positions: 35
  6. Digital marketers: At Afrilens News, we use digital platforms to publish and interact with our audience, hence, we seek the services of digital marketers to interact with our audience on all digital platforms and help us generate the much needed buzz/leads we require to push our brand as a true African brand utilising the powers of the digital media to leverage growth. Although all our digital marketers would go through a 3 months’ training by our digital agency to understand the right way to interact with our audience in order to achieve growth, we would only employ candidates with prior knowledge of digital media platforms who have a presence on at least, three social media platforms vis: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and/or Nairaland. Available Positions: 15

To apply, you are expected to submit copies of your CV and a cover letter explaining why you are best fit for the role you are applying for.

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